EMPRESS creates history!

In 2002 MV Empress leaded by Captain Vidar Skoglie and technical diver Kevin Denway found in Java Sea 2 very historically important war ship wrecks; De Ruyter (170 m long, Dutch ship) and Exeter (178 m, English ship). Both vessels has been attacked and sunk by Japanese fleet during Java war in 1942 year. .More than 200 soldiers died in this battle. 5 years ago while diving on these huge wrecks scales and the bones of sailors have been seen inside.
1 Nov 2016 Scubba Froggy together with Karl Doorman Foundation – representing Dutch Navy organised trip to honour and memorate the death of fallen. How shocked were the members of the trip to find out on the bottom (65 m deep) only the remainings of these 2 ship wrecks! Both big war ship wrecks has been stolen.
Thanks to the expedition onboard MV Empress world heard about this inredible international crime. All opinion-forming newspapers in the world are sharing this sad news: The Guardian, The Telegraf, CNN, BBC and others. Dutch Goverment officialy started the investigation.
Luckily we confirmed positions of other ship wrecks, which are still underwater and can be admired by technical divers providing them a lot of thrill and unforgatable experience.
Today we are starting the next trip in cooperation with scientists from University of Sydney. Next 10 days we will be diving at Encounter (Dutch war ship – with confirmed positon), Meigen Maru (Japanese war ship – with confirmed position), Van Der Wijk (enormous carrier wreck – with confirmed position), Electra (Japanese submarine – with confirmed position). We are going to dive also at Itsukoshima (Japanese minelayer – 200 m big), Augustina (a huge tanker), Meratus Mas (180 m big cargo ship), Blankey (a work tanker) and Tobi Maru.
We are in posession of around 500 different positions of ship wrecks around Java Sea. Captain Vidar has sacrified 30 years of his life to make this historical discoveries.
Don’t hesitate to dive at those „historical monuments”. Next year we organise 6 technical dive safaries in the period permitting deep diving in Java Sea.
More information: contact@scubafroggy.com