From Australia to Indonesia – the first diving safari was a success!

We had a lot of fun doing the first, informal diving safari on Empress and brought our liveaborad from Australia to Indonesia. The trip was a perfect test for the vessel regarding its stamina and functionality. For the first passengers – our friends it was an unique opportunity to penetrate gorgeous reefs (some of them were absolutely virgin!). We fell in love with the elevator which lifted us after each dive on the boat with no effort. The second popular facility seames to be a sundeck which we have improvised with bean bags and mattresses. It was the best place to take a rest and admire fantastic landscapes. We were able also to plan our diving more effective thanks to electronic devices – that`s why some dive spots had no names, but only coordinates (it was really cool!).
We would like to say „thank you!” all passengers for many miles and hours spend onboard and underwater.
This is the time to start a refurbishment to make our live aboard new style and refreshed outlook. In the meantime we would like to share with you some memories from the last trip!