Liveaboard Komodo

Liveaboard Komodo

What shall we know before we go to Indonesia

Indonesia is a country full of well known and liked diving places . Here we can find diving on Bali , diving on Gili Islands, Liveaboard Komodo, Liveaboard Flores or Raja Ampat. Where should we go if we have only two weeks of Vacations?

Personally I think, that Diving Safari nearby KOMODO, Liveaboard KOMODO, is one of the best, with easy access, and with its charted topping diving spots, you can visit

Let’s begin with launching GOOGLE and typing: Liveaboard Komodo. We will be Surprised with the number of boats that sail to Komodo. We will not know what to choose, because liveaboard is a very popular form of diving trips. There are plenty of this kind of Boats, so how to choose the one that will give us a great experience with the underwater adventure and at the same time will not cause our dissatisfaction for some reason.

Now that we have chosen destination – Komodo, let us choose a good liveaboard. Browsing the offers we will see that the boats differ from each other not only with the price (but here the differences are huge), they are also different as far as standard and level of luxury are concerned. Each Liveaboard Komodo floats more or less the same trade. They also outperform others in ideas – how to win customers.

A diver who wants to go to Komodo will have a hard work to find a liveboard that actually meet their expectations.

What shall we concentrate on?

Firstly, we cant forget that choosing Komodo as our destination we should choose a liveaboard which is built for diving and not for catering for those who don’t dive. Often the name Komodo liveaboard is used by operators, who bought unsuitable for diving vessel from the fishermen and then reworked it to be able to handle divers. Often, such operators do not focus on diving comfort, but on serving as many customers as it possible so, in one word, on making money. Such offers are usually cheap, and the boat specification is designed in such way as to avoid writing about disadvantages of this liveboardu for divers. To have good memories of Komodo, try to avoid liveaboards, where we find a lot of statements which describe boat , eg.: the local atmosphere, pirates-style boat, feel like a sea wolf – It may be a sign that you wont find there a lot of comfort - not enough to be able to write about it without lodging complaints later on.

Let's be careful if liveaboard Komodo is announced as the lowest unit in the area. Those who fight with the price, generally do not have much to offer. Consider whether you want to risk a failed vacation (often the only one in a year) in exchange for a reduced standard and perhaps wasted diving? On Komodo also luxurious boats sail. Often diving with them will be successful, but luxury costs, especially in Indonesia. If you are not limited by budget, you can choose a luxury boat. A problem which occurs there is a large number of divers on board. Often luxury of Liveboard is related to the size of the boat and therefore the large numbers of people on board. In the area of ​​Komodo there are strong currents. If we want diving safety, we should pay attention to the number of divers to one teacher. If Liveaboard takes more than 20 people, we risk a crowd under the water, reduced safety and finally frustration.

Many people mean also longer compressor operation. Let's check what operator offers - good liveaboard should have two high-efficiency compressors hidden below deck, in order to shorten the charging of cylinders (and making less noise), and to give the opportunity to dive 3-4 times per day, because Komodo has many excellent places to dive.

If we reject luxury liveaboards and the cheapest watercraft on Komodo, we are left with a large number of boats in the middle of the list.

Now let's check the number of compressors, their efficiency, the number of divers on board (available cabins), if our liveaboard has a lot of toilets and showers? 3 Three toilets and 3 three showers is the number that should be sufficient for Liveboard Komodo to give us sufficient comfort for a one week trip or a longer one.

Let's see if the boat has enough numbers of compressors. If we have two compressors with a total capacity of 300 l / min, we should not be afraid. Liveboard must have two fast compressors. With only one compressor we risk that in case of failure we won’t dive on Komodo. The same applies to the motors. Lets avoid liveaboards with a single engine. Divers like to take a shower after they finish diving. Our Liveaboard should have several tons of fresh water .

Diving near Komodo often includes the race. Liveaboard should have additional boats powered by engines with at least 20 horse-power each. They may be dinghies or small boats. If our liveaboard doesn’t have auxiliary boats, we are risking our safety.

Another issue is the security in the event of a diving accident. These happen very rarely, however, we do not want to risk our trip to Komodo to become a nightmare. Let's check if liveaboard has a well-stocked first-aid kit and a set of oxygen with sufficient gas. Is there a radio and satellite phone on board. On Komodo there is no decompression chamber, which is the best remedy for injuries pressure, so you should choose a liveaboard, which has a large security oxygen.

The last issue is a matter of comfort. To keep us comfortable enough we need cabins with comfortable beds, adequate amount of toilets, air conditioning (but not everywhere, to not risk the cold) and good food.

After analyzing the offers, it will be much easier for us to choose Liveboard for our dream trip to Komodo