Raja Ampat

Best of Raja Ampat: Trip Highlights

  • Experience of Raja Ampat National Park with the biggest variety of corals and species of marine life in the world
  • Trekking to breath-taking viewpoint, to a hidden cave and swimming in the lake with jellyfish
  • Diving with oceanic mantas reaching 6 meters
  • A guaranteed chance to meet wobbegong sharks and endemic walking shark
  • Five different types of pygmy sea horses in one area
  • BBQ on the beach

Diving in Raja Ampat is one the best if not the best diving destinations in the world. It’s a must have bucket list for any diver traveler, no matter if you have 20 or 1000 dives. Of course, the best for any of you who would like to visit Raja Ampat is to have at least an Advanced Open Water certificate. Some of the dives are to 30 m / 98 feet. Good breathing skills should be known too. Most dives are +/- one hour long.

There are over 1,500 species of fish in Raja Ampat. Even if it is impossible to see all of them during one trip. You will be very positively surprised when you submerge in a fish soup and see the most vibrant colors you have ever seen in your entire life. With a bit of luck and perfect weather conditions visibility can reach over 30 meters / 98 feet. We are pretty sure you will experience happiness beyond this world. The range of dive sites is incredible. There are: gentle reef slopes, mysterious seamounts, deep walls, huge overhangs, dark caves, different reef formations, big plateaus, long ridges, great rocks, strong currents, weak currents and the most impressive are the colors of reefs and varieties of fish. At your dives you can see: huge manta rays, marble rays, smaller sting rays, gray reef sharks, white tip and black tip sharks, wobbegong sharks, endemic walking sharks, mighty napoleons, a group of bumphead parrot fish, schools of jacks and barracudas, giant trevallies, big tunas, wahoo, schools of oceanic trigger fish, huge schools of fusilier fish, different types of schools of batfish, emperor fish, octopus, scorpion fish, stone fish and whole bunch of macro life: frog fish, scorpion fish, huge bunch of nudibranches, pygmy seahorses, different types of shrimps and crabs, pygmy cuttlefish and bobtail squids, whole bunch of pipe fish and much more. Some trips we are so lucky that we can spot a Marlin, Great Goliath Grouper, Hammerhead Shark, Sun Fish, Whale Shark and even a Sperm Whale. As you can imagine Raja Ampat is a magic place.


Duration: 8 days / 7 nights

Check-in time: 07:00 am

Departure port:  Sorong

Arrival port: Sorong

Check-out time: 09:00 am

Requirements: dive insurance, license – min. equivalent of PADI AOWD, min. 12 logged dives

DIVE PLAN (19 dives):

pick up, 12:00 check-in, welcome briefing and relocation to Waisai

4 dives (Mioskon, Blue Magic, Sardine Reef, Mioskon – night dive)

4 dives (Mayhem or Cape Kri, Citrus Cape or Cape Mansuar, Manta Reef or Arborek, Arborek – night dive) < choice of dive sites depending on weather

2 dives and trekking (My Reef, Melissa`s Garden), Trekking to Piaynemo. Relocation to Misool (14 h)

dives and trekking (Two Tree Islands, Pinnacle, Yellit, Wagmab – night dive)

4 dives (Boo Windows, Shadow Reef, Nudi Rock, Romeo)

1 dive (Farondi Cave), trekking to the bat cave; possible snorkelling with jellyfish; barbecue on the beach; relocation to Sorong (15 h)

9:00 check out

Routes can be affected by adverse weather conditions and unforced events, force majeure or other similar reasons