Wreck Safari with happy endning

Successfully we completed another safari for technical divers on Java Sea.
On Nov. 18, in Surabaya, a group of experienced divers from Australia checked-in, whose aim was to find a few wrecks from The Second World War. Our goal was ambitious, but realistic to achieve.

Where we have been diving?
Maigen Maru – 178 m, japanese cargo ship; depth 52-68 m
HMS Electra – british distroyer – approx. 220 m long; depth 48-58 m
Benclun – british freighter; 140 m long; 69-80 m depth
Augustina – british tanker; 25-48 m depth
British freighter from the 2nd war, approx. 80 m long in very good shape; 60 m depth +
Encounter – dutch war ship; front part approx 70 m remained
Meratus Mas – indonesian tanker 130 m long; depth 45 – 67 m
Itsukushima – hudge japanese minelayer; 72-88 m depth.
The Empress has proved to be perfectly adapted to technical diving and requirements of technical and rebreather divers. The elevator, the roomy air bar, probe 3D, all tanks of different capacities, gas mixtures tailored to the requirements – all of it made the immersions comfortable and safe. Feel free to see some pictures!